Shanti and Bibek. Traditional Nepali Engagement in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Your engagement photos should be a reflection of who you are as a couple - and that starts with choosing a location! Shanti and Bibek, the couple in these photos, got engaged in Breckenridge, Colorado, while skiing amongst the snowy peaks. So, they decided to take their engagement photos in the Rocky Mountains, in the same place where the question was popped and they agreed to spend the rest of their lives together.

The two of them are Nepalese, and another way they chose to honor their journey together as a couple and where they came from is by wearing traditional Nepalese attire. I was born in Nepal, and grew up in Colorado - so both places have always been incredibly close to my heart, and these engagement photos in the Rocky Mountains meant a lot to all of us. This shoot was even featured on Rocky Mountain Bride!

This guide has some tips for planning your own engagement photos in the Rocky Mountains.

 The Best Places for Engagement Photos in the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are a huge mountain range, stretching 3,000 miles  from Canada all the way to New Mexico. You can find subsections of the Rockies in Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico - so for couples who love the mountains, whether you love skiing down the slopes in the winter or hiking to the peaks in the summer, there’s a perfect place for engagement photos in the Rocky Mountains. 

When you choose a location for your engagement photos, think about a place that’s meaningful for you! That can be a location you’ve already visited that has significance to you, but it can also be a new place that you want to explore together. Here are a few ideas for engagement photo locations in the Rocky Mountains.


Colorado is one of the absolute best states for views of the Rocky Mountains. It seems like everywhere you look, you’ll find jaw dropping scenery and snow capped peaks. 

One of the best places for engagement photos is Rocky Mountain National Park, named for the mountain range! Here, you’ll find gorgeous alpine lakes, wildflower meadows, and of course, the mountains. This place is popular, so there are definitely some other places around Colorado where you can find a little more privacy.

Check out the mountain towns around the state, like Breckenridge and Telluride, for engagement photo locations that sit close to the base of the Rocky Mountains and make a great year round destination!


Wyoming, though it’s an underrated travel destination, has some incredible views of the Rockies! Grand Teton National Park has some of the most beautiful scenic vistas, with jagged, craggy peaks that make up the Teton Range within the Rocky Mountains. In the summer, the park comes to life with blooming and bustling wildlife, and in the winter it’s an amazing destination for skiing.


Montana is literally named for the Spanish word for mountain (montaña), so it’s no surprise that you’ll find some incredible views, and some of the best places for engagement photos in the Rocky Mountains here! 

Glacier National Park, located in the stunning wilderness of the northern Rockies, has breathtaking views all around, with alpine lakes tucked between the peaks, dramatic valleys, and breathtaking glaciers. 

For lesser known locations, head to smaller mountain towns, like Bozeman and Kalispell, or to the Bitterroot National Forest, where you’ll find incredible scenery that’s wild and less traveled! 

When to Take Engagement Photos in the Rocky Mountains

When you book an engagement session, you’ll need to know when you want your photos taken! Like any mountainous region, weather in the Rocky Mountains changes a ton throughout the seasons. Here’s what you can expect when you set a date!

Summer Engagement Photos in the Rocky Mountains

Summer is an amazing time for engagement photos in the Rocky Mountains, as this is when most places will be open and snow free, and you can get to most locations! The weather is warm and sunny, perfect for running around outdoors. Keep in mind that in higher elevations, snow often sticks around until mid-July, so if you want to go somewhere like Rocky Mountain National Park, wait until mid to late summer!

Fall Engagement Photos in the Rocky Mountains

Fall is definitely one of the best times for engagement photos in the Rocky Mountains, especially early in the season! Summer is popular, but as September comes around, the crowds clear out and you can often find a lot more privacy for your session. The weather cools down a little, but September and early October are usually still comfortable. You can also have some amazing fall foliage in the backdrop, but in higher elevations, snow can start falling as early as mid October!

Winter Engagement Photos in the Rocky Mountains

Winter is definitely snowy in the Rockies, but if you bundle up, it can be a really fun time for engagement photos. You’ll have a unique setting for your session, and it can be a blast to play in the snow together - just have some hot chocolate ready for afterwards!

Spring Engagement Photos in the Rocky Mountains

Spring in the mountains is pretty unpredictable, and often still snowy. Early in the season, it’ll still be cold and snowy, which can be fun for your engagement photos! If you plan your session for May or early June, lower elevation areas may be snow free and you can see wildflowers and waterfalls. 

Ready for Engagement Photos in the Rocky Mountains?

The biggest piece of advice I have for your engagement session is to make it your own! Make sure that it reflects the two of you, your relationship, and your journey. No two couples are exactly the same, and no two love stories are the same - so the way you celebrate getting engaged should be special, and unique to you. 

Whether it’s choosing a location that’s meaningful to you, incorporating pieces of your culture (like Shanti and Bibek did!), bringing your dog, or doing something fun (like having a picnic or building a snowman), make sure your engagement session is an experience you’ll remember forever - and the photos you get back will be ones that you treasure for the rest of your lives.

If you’re ready to take your engagement photos in the Rocky Mountains, contact me!