My name is pronounced exactly how it's spelled, Na - vo - di- ta. It means "new beginning."

I measure my life in having meaningful connections and intimate moments; my photography keeps score. Photography is the medium for me to capture and celebrate the memories that often anchor and inspire the rest of our lives; my wedding was the beginning of a new and exciting journey, and the photos are a gentle reminder of the joy we seek to share.

I became a photographer because to me photographs are invaluable and the different feelings they evoke can be transcending. Sometimes, even healing. They are often what spark joyful and heartfelt conversations with my family and friends. I know these printed memories will be cherished for years to come as they are passed down through generations. I hope to pass my own albums full of cherished memories along to my children some day.

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I approach my work with a photojournalistic style by capturing the day as it unfolds organically. I use my surroundings and how things felt at the time to inspire my work. Light, shadows, landscapes, movement, travel, and intimate moments are simple yet compelling foundations of my work.

When I'm not traveling or taking photos, I'm playing music and dancing with our beautiful baby boy while my sweet husband cooks for us. I also have a dog, who is the light of my life. Our life isn’t perfect. It’s not meant to be. It’s messy and delicate, yet I find it to be so beautiful.

I hope to capture the beauty in your day as you remember it to be, while artfully focusing on details that make your wedding unique and honest to you. To me, having the opportunity to capture your new beginning would be an absolute honor.

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